NWA5121-NI Web Access lost

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Hi everyone,

Since the last firmware update, i have lost web access to the NWA5121-NI AP.
Wifi is visible, I can connect it with SSH, but i don't find any user guide about ssh command, and how to reactivate web access.

I have reset the AP, but same pb :/

Any solution ?



  • Zyxel_Joslyn
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    Hi @Julien

    The CLI to activate web access.
    Router> configure terminal
    Router(config)# ip http secure-server

    However, according to your description, you have reset the device, but no help. Could you help to confirm if the AP does get IP address? By the way, you upgrade the firmware from which version to which version?


  • Jindra
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    I have the same problém. I moved old set of WLC and APs into new roam and unfortunately I upgraded them. Now APs send the wifi accordingly to WLC config, but they are invisible in WLC. I cannot access them over CLI, because there has been setup some unknown admin password after joining AP at WLC.
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    Let's clear the issue for accessing the APs.
    When the APs are managed by NXC controller, there's no their own web GUI to access. The AP setting pages are all on the NXC controller and when the APs connect to the controller, the configurations will push to the APs, including the access account and password.
    So, if you want to manage these APs standalone without controller, please seperate the these two kinds of devices in different broadcast domain to avoid the controller automatically manages the APs when they are online.
    After seperate them, please reset AP via reset button and you can use the default account/password to access APs.
    Or, if you don't want to seperate them to different domains, please contact the controller manager to remove these APs from controller and set the management mode to manaul.
    Here is the reference setting page on GUI.
    Setting manaul mode: CONFIGURATION > Controller > Configuration > Registration Type > Manual
    Remove APs from controller: CONFIGURATION > AP Management > Mgmt. AP List > select APs and click Remove.

    If there's any misunderstanding, please help to descript more information for us.