NWA210AX - Automatic SSH login from Openhab


i need autoconnect from Openhab to Zyxel AP, to turn on-off the wifi.
I'm able to turn on-off the wifi manually with a ssh connection from my Macbook.

But i'm not able from Openhab because i need to write it in a single command line like that:
ssh2 -p PASSWORD [email protected]_IP /configure terminal/wlan slot1/no activate

Someone more experienced than me can help me to find the correct line?

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  • Zyxel_Bella
    Zyxel_Bella Posts: 294  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @Miky


    Thanks for sharing the experience combining Openhab with Zyxel access point.

    To enable/disable wireless network at specific time, we have SSID schedule for users to setup.

    If the above functions do not meet your needs, could you share the applications that you’re going to implement?

    We’d like to advice if any features on AP could meet your work.

    Thank you




  • Miky
    Miky Posts: 3
    Hello Bella,

    thank you for your quick help!
    A time control is too rigid for my application, so I want to link the AP to openhab.

    I've now understood that the problem it`s probably because I'm running Openhab as a docker and maybe there's no pre-installed shell.

  • zyman2008
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    Hi @Miky,
    Try this command,
    echo -e "configure terminal\nwlan slot1\nno activate\nexit\nexit\nexit" | sshpass -p yourpassword ssh [email protected]