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I'm trying to bind a NAT incoming source IP using ddns, and don't see a clearcut way to do this. The user needs to ssh in, and for various reasons VPN is not going to be used, however they are on a home IP, so their public IP changes which can be resolved with ddns on their end. If ddns was an option for binding I the zywall, I could just enter it, however the only option is a static IP. Could someone please explain how to do this, if it is infact possible. Thanks in advance. I really appreciate your assistance. 

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    Hi @fladventurerob,
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    You can add a FQDN address object, and apply this object to security policy for source IP.
    1) Create FQDN address object at "CONFIGURATION > Object > Address/GeoIP" 

    2) Apply FQDN object to security policy for specific IP access.

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