How to configure Vlan Trunk - Gs1910

Good afternoon, could you tell me how to configure the trunk port for vlan on the zyxel gs1910 switch. I have 2 vlans 100 and 200.
It is necessary to connect 2 switches so that vlan traffic passes between them.
Also, these ports are aggregated via LACP. Actually, I need to make them a trunk port.
On cisco, this is done through the "switchport mode trunk" command.

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    Hi @KleinStreisend,

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    Looks like you want lacp ports could transmit VLAN 100 & 200, right?
    If yes, you just need to set "1,100,200" in Allowed VLANs on lacp ports.

    Hope it Helps.


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    thank you very much, yes it is working perfectly.
    On the cisco side work with -
    switchport mode trunk
    switchport nonegotiate