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My two WAC6103d-i wlan devices operating in AP mode only show a TX/RX Rate of max 54 mbit on both 2.4 (n) and 5 GHz (ac) band. Speedtests show about 25Mbit throughput only. 
 I do not seem to be able to influence this. According to the device specification the speed should be much higher. Anyone any ideas ? 
i am using an Zyxel USG110 to manage both devices

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    Hi @adischer ,

    Thank you for raising question here,
    we wonder if you disable A-MPDU,
    or are you using b/g mode? or your security type is Tkip?
    If one of the above answer is yes, then the maximum speed will be 54mbps.

    For 5G throughput test,
    we suggest you create a 5G only SSID with bandwidth 80MHz,
    The test is more recommend in the environment with less interference and no co-channel usage.
    We also suggest you to use jperf or iperf as test utility and send 8 sessions at the same time.
    Thank you.


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    Hi Silvia, 
    yes, I am using A-MPDU.
    On 2.4g band I have configured 802.11mode as AX (not b/g).
    And the security type is configured as wpa3....
    so none of the questions you are asking can be answered with "yes". 
    nevertheless, in the station info monitoring, the Tx/Rx rate is displayed at 54mbit max across all stations. I am also wondering, because this is so even for the 5G stations where the stations are showing an 802.11ac capability. Still no more than 54mbit. 

    I am wondering if there is a general problem with the setup. My Apple mobile devices show in the wlan setup that my wlan is not secure. it says "WPA/WPA2m(TKIP) is not considered as safe"....but I have not configured this in my security profile on the WAC6103d-i. I have configured WPA3...I also see in the logs that configuration parameters are transferred to the access point after changing it. so I am really confused why 1. the apple devices show this message  and 2. the station monitoring on the USG110 show not more than 54mbit TX/RX..... this is really strange und unexpected. 
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    ok, update from my side. As the answer to Silvia's questions were all "no" and also no further remarks were done I have investigated a bit further myself and have activated in the QoS setting the WMM flag within the SSID settings of my SSID definition. On my USG device on firmware V4.70(AAPH.0) the menu path is configuration / object / AP profile, screen tab SSID / SSID list and for my defined SSID the detail configuration screen shows the quality of service entry QoS. I set this to WMM and suddenly the station info in the monitoring shows stations (clients) up to 1300 MBit - the maximal throughput for the WAC6103d-i on 5G band. Speedtests also revealed much higher throughput than before. 

    so the only question left: why do my apple devices show an insecure network even though the security mode is configured at WPA3. So if anyone has a possible answer on that, please feel free to comment. 
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    well, what an evening of focus on wireless configuration all yields ;-) it seems like the WAC6103d-i does not support WPA3.  Due to my configuration of it ( I am using a USG110 as wireless control module) the access point must have switched to security mode with little security. I configured now the security profile with mode WPA2 and AES which according to the tech spec of the WAC is supported (I was hoping that the WPA-Enterprise also means support of WPA3, but this does not seem to be the case). After the configuration was transferred to the WAC and after reconnect of the Apple wireless device, the security warning within the wireless setting of my apple client has disappeared. To bad WAC6103d-i does not support WPA3.  Why does Zyxel not provide a firmware update to enable this ?