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Hi All,

I have the following: USG210 with two internet connections. Two different providers.
WAN1 has static IP, WAN2 has static IP with PPPoE.
I want to use WAN2 as the primary internet connection and when WAN2 fails to connect, WAN1 should take over.

I watched a couple of videos of how to do this, but every time I get this warning:
'Invalid gateway from Next-Hop interface. Policy route rule will not work.'

This is my situation:
Both WAN1 and WAN2 are active (Configuration - Network - Interface - Trunk)

I tried: Configuration - Network - Routing - Policy Route
Incoming: Interface LAN1
Next-Hop: Interface WAN2
Advance: Disable policy route automatically while interface link down: checked
Enable connectivity Check to

When applying, this message will pop up: 'Invalid gateway from Next-Hop interface. Policy route rule will not work.'

If I choose Next-Hop: Interface WAN1, everything is fine, but I want to use WAN2 as primary. Seems to me that I cannot use WAN2.

Any ideas?

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  • USG_User
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    Hi Peter,
    With our USG110 we are using the following Trunk Configuration without any additional manually added Routing Rules:

    WAN1 is set to Active and WAN2 to Passive. You should exchange one with another to make WAN2 primary and active.
    Our configuration works fine. As soon as WAN1 is failing (due to connectivity check), USG is switching to WAN2 and vice versa as soon as WAN1 is available again.
  • Zyxel_James
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    Hello Peter,

    We have several methods to achieve WAN failover, you may refer to this article, and set it up according to your desired scenario.

    Moreover, about the warning message "Invalid gateway from Next-Hop interface. Policy route rule will not work." It could be the WAN interface is not up when you select it as Next Hop.

    Thank you.



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