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Hello everyone,
is it possible to transfer a content filtering license from a USG50 to a different (newer) model? The problem ist, we have a customer who just recently bought a new 1y commtouch license for his USG50 and yesterday the device broke down. There are still 292 days left.
So I'm searching for a possibilty to transfer that license to a an other model, possibly one with more power. Is it possible and if so, what model should I use?
Thanks in advance


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    Hi @maxgembe,
    Which model do you want to transfer to? next gen series?
  • maxgembe
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    Hi Cooldia,
    thanks for your reply. It doesn't really matter, which model I want to have. I would choose a model valid for that license. I thought about a USG 60 or even a USG 110. Our customer would only use this device as a NAT device for a guest-subnet with a content filtering system. It's going to be a router for about 40 concurrent wifi users (peak). What exactly are the "next gen series"?

    Thank you!

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