How can i use firewall in zyxel router?

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I see on some sites that i can disable YTube ads on samsung smart tv by blocking some samgung's sites.
In firewall options i see general - protocol - access control - dos. Should i select protocol?
Or should i use parental control?
Please, give me detailed guide because i've been using your router since 5 hours ago.

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    Do you mean if Zyxel firewall support Youtube AD block feature? Currently, we don’t support this feature.  Or, what kind of content you would like to block? Maybe you can let us know. Currently, we support APP Patrol, Content filter, Anti-Malware, Reputation Filter, IPS, Sandingboxing, CDR, SSL Inspection etc. About the more detaild security services, you can refer to chapter 2. of Handbook document.

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