Supremely Smooth WiFi Ensures Hassle-free Holidays at Italian Vacation Homes

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Sul Calar del Sole al Conero

“It’s always exciting to start a project from scratch and follow it through to a successful implementation, and the browsing experience we’ve provided guests has proved very successful indeed.”

Andrea Corvatta
Owner, Corvatta Computers

To ensure guests experience a getaway to remember, Sul Calar del Sole al Conero needed to build network architecture from scratch to deliver lightning-fast WiFi to every apartment. The holiday home complex reached out to system integrator Corvatta Computers. After evaluating the site’s layout and requirements, it selected Zyxel’s Nebula cloud networking solution for the project. Having used Nebula in a host of hospitality deployments in the past, Corvatta Computers had been won over by the solution’s simple, cloud-based management, which guarantees continuous remote visibility and monitoring, thus allowing timely intervention to neutralize threats. An NWA1123ACv3 access point was installed in each apartment, with the exception of three adjacent apartments, which were more difficult to connect. Instead, an NWA1123-AC PRO access point was placed in the central apartment, delivering WiFi to all three rooms. The GS1920 Series switch powers all APs through PoE and all devices can be managed anytime, anywhere via the cloud thanks to NebulaFlex. With the Nebula-compatible switches and APs in place, the smooth and stable wireless has been well received by guests, making a big contribution to Sul Calar del Sole al Conero’s comfortable stays. 

  • Build new infrastructure from scratch to satisfy all wireless and networking needs 
  • Manage APs in all rooms and buildings from a central location

  • Smooth and stable WiFi enhances the guest experience 
  • Nebula allowed the system integrator to quickly and easily plan and deploy the network and provide technical support 
  • Continuous remote visibility and monitoring allows real-time intervention

Product used
NWA1123-AC PRO 802.11ac Access Point
NWA1123ACv3 802.11ac Access Point
GS1920 Series Smart Managed Switch

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