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Hello friends.
I have an issue. Hopefully it is just misunderstood vlans. So i ask you to help me understand everything about my case.
SG1900-48 right after reset and new firmware V2.70(AAHN.1) | 01/11/2022



All VLAN's on one NIC igb0

Firewall for every interface only one rule, allow all. DHCP enabled on every interface

Inside switch we have same vlans.

And we have incoming connection on switch's port 1. So i enable trunk mode

After all i try to make access port 11 on 101VLAN

After saving configuration i try to connect another laptop to 11 port on switch.
Few minutes later i have APIPA's 169.254.*.* adress on connected device

Please, it hurt's me so much. I'm dumb?

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    Hi @P1ter,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Since a switch port with VLAN Trunk enabled only allows/forwards a frame if it's belonging to unknown VLAN, which the VLAN of frame is not existed on GS1900, so it will not work in your scenario.
    Description of VLAN Trunk
    Enable VLAN Trunking on ports connected to other switches or routers (but not ports directly connected to end users) to allow frames belonging to unknown VLAN groups to pass through the Switch.

    In your scenario, you need to disable VLAN Trunk in port 1 and tagged VLAN 99, 100, and 101 on port 1. So frames with VLAN99, 100, and 101 will be able to communite between pfsence and GS1900.
    Besides, you still need to untagged VLAN 101 on port 11 for your laptop even you've configured PVID 101 for port 11.

    Please try my suggestion and see if it works.
    Don't hesitate to inquire us if you have any question.