Reinit due to HW stuck WAC6303D-S NXC2500

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We have 10 WAC6303D-S AP's and a NXC2500. The log of one WAC6303D-S frequently shows the message (not an error) "Reinit due to HW stuck". I cannot find anything about the background of this, but it does not sound OK. We also have stability issues in the surroundings of this AP. Does anyone know more about this message?

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    Let me explain the background of this log first, and then I'll share some points to optimize your wireless settings.

    1. This "Reinit" occurs when AP detects the current wireless environment is too busy/noisy to send the packets out, it will disable/re-enable the Wi-Fi service and change a using channel to reach better performance. So there's no worry for your AP, since it correctly proceed this auto-recovery mechanism to provide better performance.

    And since the using channel is noisy, usually the wireless clients will suffer for unstable connection during that period.

    2. To optimize the wireless setting, please follow the instructions below:

    > For 2.4GHz radio, use 20MHz channel width
    > For 5GHz radio, use 40/20Mhz channel width if you still see lots of reinit logs
    > For both 2.4/5 GHz radios, use DCS, and disable the "Client aware", schedule the time period at 3:00 a.m.
    > For the moment you see this reply, you can also select all your APs in the Management AP list, and click "DCS Now" button of the menu bar (Blue icon with the green "check")

    By doing so, your AP will proceed DCS, evaluate the best wireless channel, and use it.

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    Thank you very much for this clear explanation. We will implement the optimizations you suggest.

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