UAG4100 and GS1900HP

after expanding we have now a GS1900 switch between UAG and APs.
AP (nwa5132) connected to the UAG are working perfect.
Also the Local AP.
APs connected to the GS1900 can be managed by the UAG - 
but mobiles are stuck with "getting ip adress"... (never getting one)
As soon you reach the area of the local AP...
the phone getting its ip adress and all works fine

So basically - no internet in the house, only in the lobby  :-(
I would appreciate any help - thanks in advance

btw.. the GS1900 is all factory default

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    Hi @BoardingHouse,

    You may check if SSID profile forward mode is correct mapping to corresponding Interface or vlan.
    BTW, can you see wireless station DHCP request packets in UAG4100 lan/vlan interface?

    CONFIGURATION > Object > AP profile > SSID List

  • i don't have this option..

    that's my firmware:  (is there a better one ? and if - where ?)

    i can manage all APs - they are sending the right SSID
    but the mobiles are trying to get an ip but don't get any..

  • that's my SSID - working perfectly if connected to the UAG...
    but not working if plugged in the GS1900

  • hello,
    thank you - the vlan id did the trick - 
    at least the guest login is working again

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