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We've enabled web authentication and set it up for user agreement on a Zywall USG20VPN.  Every device we've tested works great with the exception of the Echo Dot.  It recognizes that there is a 3rd party login but never shows it.  Is there a rule I can put in to allow only Amazon Alexa devices like the Echo Dot to bypass the user agreement?  I tried LAN1 LAN1_SUBNET to LAN1_SUBNET unnecessary with a priority of 1 but it still does not work. 

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    Hi @arynberg_2021,

    To make an exception for a host as Echo Dot, we could create an additional Web Authentication policy.

    1. Navigate to Configure > Web Authentication > General, Add an additional policy.

    2. Open "Create New Object", and click Address to create an address object for Echo Dot

    3. Afterwards select the created object as Source Address and set the authentication to "unnecessary"

    In this way, the host "echo_dot" won't trigger the web authentication.

    Thank you.




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