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Hello to all
In a company where there is a Zyxell ATP 700 managing the internet access through two ISP I need two of the computers on the network to access only through one of the two ISP exclusively.  The Zyxell is not configured by me.  I have downloaded the manual and it is over 1000 pages long, can anyone tell me where (approximately) in the manual I can find help on this?

Thank you very much.

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    This can be accomplished with a policy route.

    The example in the screenshot below is forcing a PC ("cb-pc") which is connected to lan1 interface to go out via the secondary wan interface.

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    Hi @Juanma,

    Welcome to Zyxel community. You can create a policy route to routing Lan hosts to specific Wan interface.
    "CONFIGURATION > Network > Routing > Policy route"

    Source = Lan hosts IP
    Next-Hop = Wan interface
    SNAT = outgoing-interface

    User Guide: page 411

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