Which AP for my UAG2100 Controler ?

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Good day,
I need to expand my wifi network, I have a UAG2100 with 3 AP NWA5123-AC model.
My question is which actual model of AP is suitable to my UAG2100 ?
Can I put an PoE switch in order to supply the new AP ?
Thanks a  lot

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    Hi Sir,

    To check which models can be managed by your UAG2100, kindly go to [Configuration > Wireless > AP Management >Firmware tab], after clicking "check" and "apply", you can see the manageable devices list. (Like the screenshot below)

    However, since UAG2100 is a really early-published device, so it can't manage our later launched APs, also the firmware of the managed APs are remain in previous version.

    Hence We strongly recommend you to use our USGFLEX or ATP Series firewalls as the controller (to get both advanced security function and latest managed AP firmware), which can also manage all our latest 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 APs.

    As for the recommended models on USGFLEX/ATP: for general Enterprise usage, we recommend you to use WAX510D; for higher density usage like shared office or frequently video/conference call, you can use WAX610D or WAX650S to have higher capacity and performance.

    Best Regards,