MAC Filter on NWA50AX as Root/Repeater

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I set up a wifi network with 2 NWA50AX configured as root and repeater. Now I would like to use a MAC filter list. I created a list of MAC adresses that should be allowed to access the SSID. When I use and activate this filter list on both APs no device is allowed to access the SSID.
What is the recommende procedure for MAC filtering in this setup?

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    Hi Sir,

    1. Please make sure the List is set with an "allow list"

    2. For the MAC address added in the list, I'd recommended you to directly check the [Monitor > Wireless > Station Info] when clients are connecting to the AP.

    (The reason is because, most Wi-Fi devices have a mechanism called "Random MAC address", which will change MAC address being different from its original system MAC address when connecting to different SSIDs.)

    (If possible, please also disable this setting in the Wi-Fi connection page of the device, so that the device won't change it regularly. < Especially Windows PC)

    3. After put the correct MAC address in the MAC Filter list, please apply it in the SSID Profile.

    You can apply this process on both root and repeater AP, and see if those devices can connect to SSID. 

    Best Regards,