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  • kyssling
    kyssling Posts: 94  Ally Member
    Hello osake_li_09,
    thanks for answer, If I understand correctly you had to deactivate all RDP items in the IDP settings ...
    Remaining items are activated ?
  • @kyssling, yes, I inactive all the RDP items and remaining item are all actived, then I perform TeamViewer over VPN.
  • kyssling
    kyssling Posts: 94  Ally Member
    edited April 27
    Very thanks for answer, if you use Remote Desktop Client (Windows) you can have checked RDP items on IDP ? (I think you have unchecked because you using TeamViewer ...)  ?
  • kyssling
    kyssling Posts: 94  Ally Member
    Hello, I activate IDP into profile - I have all items activated, we use RDP only via VPN.
    But I have zero "Total Session Scanned" value - is that okay ?
    Thank you for answer !
  • Zyxel_James
    Zyxel_James Posts: 106  Zyxel Employee
    Hello @kyssling,
    May I see your security policy rule of the IDP profile? and also your test scenario. Or provide your configuration through private message and I will check on this for you.
    Thank you.


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