[2022 Issue 09] See how Zyxel cloud firewall can help

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To strengthen up network security, we’ve improved Zyxel Security Matrix in Nebula with firewalls on cloud. Nebula firewalls address the limitations of on-premises firewalls and more. See the benefits of Cloud-based security firewalls:

#1: Fast & Easy Deployable VPN with Multiple sites

The Nebula solution offers a wide array of products that allow different remote access options including firewalls for headquarters and branch offices with VPN client management for off-site employees, extending endpoint protection.

Establish site to site VPN to keep branch locations securely connected with a few simple clicks. The new VPN Orchestrator is best used to manage various VPN topologies without manually configuring VPN policies. Easily enable VPN between offices by grouping them together in VPN Orchestrator.

The VPN Orchestrator offers easy site to site VPN establishment with a few simple clicks.

 #2: Unified Application Visibility and Control

You can view all the applications that are currently used in the network for easy management and take immediate action to protect the network when necessary. The visibility of application patrol includes clearer analysis report from client’s point-of-view, instantly get application report display and various category list.

More than 3,700 applications are categorized in different labels such as antivirus, media streaming, social network, advertising, and more. You can control speed limits by application. You can also block/unblock applications in the monitoring page.

The Site-wide Application page provides visibility and control of all the applications used in the network

#3: UTM services stay synchronized across multiple networks

Nebula firewall offers full-blown UTM services and deliver easy management. Keep your digital assets protected by synchronizing UTM security profiles deployed across distributed office networks! Supported UTM features: Anti-malware, Web Filtering, URL Threat Filter, IPS, Allow List and Block List. SPS is part of the UTM Security Pack.

Nebula firewall ATP series/USG FLEX series/USG20(W)-VPN ensures that all your networks can be accessed securely outside of the office while providing the same level of security.

Nebula, One Platform for Everything

With fast-moving working environments, our new Nebula Together is built to adapt to any working modes, while adding devices with granular policies and secure access authentication. Get the richest collaboration with everything you need on a simplified and unified Nebula Platform. Nebula solution allows you to easily manage, monitor, analyze compatible firewalls, access points, and switches.