XS1930 dropping ports

DMartin Posts: 4
For a long time I've given up using the XS1930 because it would intermittently loose connectivity on a port.  I could see in the log the port(s) going up and down regularly.  Now I've got time to get back to it, I may have solved it (too soon to say for sure but it's looking better).  The solution seems to be to hard-write the port speed for each port, rather than leaving each at "auto".
I wondered if anyone else had this problem, or can offer any relevant suggestions?
Thanks all.

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  • Zyxel_Chris
    Zyxel_Chris Posts: 499  Zyxel Employee
    Are all the ports has this issue? And how often does it occurs.
    Can you help to collect the tech-support file (Management> Maintenance) and PM/attached to me. :)
  • DMartin
    DMartin Posts: 4
    Thanks, not sure.  PM sent.  Could be just one attached device.