USG40 unable to change password

ezio Posts: 2
currently if I try to login to my USG40 the window to change the password appear. But the result after inserting the new password is displayed in the screenshot below.
does anyone know how to solve it? I've also tryed to “atkz –b” + “atgo” but the admin password didn't change. This situation is with all the account.

any help is really welcome

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  • mMontana
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    Some special characters are not recognized from USG firmwares. Consider to change the new password with different special characters.

  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @ezio
    The latest firmware has fixed the symptom. You can upgrade device firmware by FTP.
    After uploading firmware completely and booting up, the symptom will gone

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  • ezio
    ezio Posts: 2
    firewall FW was already to the latest version.
    I found a solution by logging into the firewall and disabling all the controls. creating a new admin user and than via web complete the configuration and restore the parameters.

    best regards

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