Why two default SSID profiles per radio for NWA210AX

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Trying to understand why this is so.  The default config of a new NWA210AX access point has two MBSSID profiles for each radio. Each profile is the same SSID and same parameters.  A Wifi scan shows the 2.4Ghz SSID appearing on two different MAC addresses and the same SSID appearing on the 5Ghz radio also with two different MAC addresses. I assume there are two MAC addresses on each radio because there are two profiles on each radio.  The question is:  WHY IS THIS THE DEFAULT and WHY ARE THERE TWO ??

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    Hi @Terry_D


    Welcome to Zyxel community.

    Zyxel AP broadcast a default SSID named “Zyxel_XXXX” with last 4 letters of mac address.

    According to your description, do you see four MBSSIDs of Zyxel_XXXX and separate into two radios?

    Please correct me if any mis-understanding and provide a screenshot will be helpful for us to clarify.

    Thank you