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The manual refers to LACP bonded cables as a “trunk”. 

In the world of switches and routers a trunk is a port used to interconnect switches that transmits data from EVERY VLAN so that computers in the same VLAN can reach each other on both switches with only one connection line instead of on for each VLAN. 

I have my modem coming into one switch and a 10Gb fiber connection to another switch where the router is. They should be able to talk to each other over the 10GB link. 

But if I put my clients in a separate VLAN how do I get the data to the other switch to reach clients in the same VLAN? Do I really need one connection to each VLAN? That would be disastrous.

What I’m trying to do, in summary, is to interconnect both my switches with a 10Gb link on port 12 and I need data from ALL VLANS to flow over that connection. 

How do I accomplish this; or do I return these otherwise great switches?

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    Hi @dhummel,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Please allow me to mention that XGS1210-12 only support link aggregation(which is also know as static trunk), but not support LACP.

    XGS1210-12 do not support VLAN trunking is because XGS1210-12 is for SOHO/Prosumer users. They usually do not have many VLANs in their network surrounding and they can easily setup all VLANs due to our easy web management.

    In addition, if you need many 10 G ports and need VLAN trunking feature, I suggest you to use XS1930-10 which support 10 G(Mutil-Gigabit RJ-45 ports & SFP+ ports) and VLAN trunking feature.

    Zyxel Melen