USG110 VPN connection with Manjaro Linux Client

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Hi all

I've a small problem:

The VPN works for all Windows-Clients, but not with a Linux-Client (Manjaro Linux 21.2.5, Kernel 5.16.14-1).

I can see in the fw-logs, that the VPN-authentication works, but after a few seconds/1 minute I lose my VPN connection.

I got the following error (for the full vpn-client-log please see in the attachment):
check_control: Received out of order control packet on tunnel 4913 (got 3, expected 4)
handle_control: bad control packet!
network_thread: bad packet

I've the following linux client software versions:
strongsWan-Version: 5.9.5
xl2tpd-Version: 1.3.17

I've the following USG-110 firmware version:

It would be great if you can help me!

Many thanks & best regards,

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