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Hello I have maked an L2tp-IPSec connection in a Zyxel usg flex 100 and this is working. but when my Windows 10 is via vpn connected i can do notting not pinging or start a RDP. what must I do to making this work

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    We suggest you use wizard to configure L2TP VPN on USG FLEX 100 and download the script for Windows 10. Go to Quick Setup > Remote Access VPN Setup > L2TP over IPSec Client (iOS, Windows, Android). Here is handbook for your reference. You can find more details of the configuration on page 403 Remote access VPN Wizard

    If L2TP VPN is connected on Windows 10 but ping failed, please share your configuration file of USG FLEX 100 and the IP address of RDP/internal server you'd like to connect/ping with me in private message.

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