VLAN Routing Issues / General Network Problems

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Hi All,

Recently deployed 2x Zyxel 1920 48 Port Switches to a existing Zyxel Network,
The main core network consist of 2x Zyxel GS-1910 48 Port Switches, from this there are multiple fibre links to satellite cabinets. (One of these cabinets containing the 2x 1920 switches above)

We have attempted to configure the 2x switches with VLANS;
1 Switch primarily for VLAN 1 (Data) –
1 Switch primarily for VLAN 2 (Voice) –
The 1st switch ( has 2 ports configured with the additional VLAN 2 so that it can be routed to the second switch, and also traverse up the network to the main core switch, the second switch is configured solely for VLAN 2, and has VLAN 1 "set up" but not assigned to any ports - as it wont be routing traffic on VLAN 1....
Unfortunately, for some reason the VLAN separation does not seem to be taking effect and is having a knock on effect with being able to communicate with other switches on the network, and is also causing network saturation / delay issues.

Some of the issues we are experiencing are;
Other Zyxel 1910 switches are unable to ping these 2 new switches via their IP, but if I patch into an older switch I can ping all switches ....

Packets that should be routing out of via VLAN 2 seem to be routing via VLAN 1 even though the ports have been set not too..
I believe the major issue we are experiencing is the completely different way of setting up VLANs from a 1910 to a 1920 ..
I do not seem to find a way to tell the switch to act as an uplink to the main core network and route all VLANs on this port/s regardless
On a 1910 you would go to :
Configuration, VLANs, Ports and under Mode instead of choosing specific, set this to None.
The problem I have is with a 1920, I do not see the None option.
(Are we correct in assuming the Mode of None on a 1910 would route all traffic regardless of its VLAN assignment?)

Hopefully the above makes sense - Can create and show a full network schematic if need be.

Thanks !


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    Hi @bradg

    First of all, for clarifying your question, it will be the best way if you are able to give us your application in detail and full network schematic. 
    From the description you mentioned, I assume your topology below.
    If I misunderstand, please let me know. 

    Secondly, I would like to remind you that both GS1910 and GS1920 series are L2 switch, which do not support routing function. Therefore, I think you are trying to say is VLAN setting rule in your environment. 

    May I know your purpose of setting VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 with and 
    Normally, we might set different VLANs like and Can you explain it? 

    Based on the topology above, I can provide an example about how to configure below. 
    Port 46: VLAN 2, TX Tagged
    Port 47: VLAN 2, TX Tagged. 
    Port 48: VLAN 1 and VLAN 2, TX Tagged
    Port 24: VLAN 1 and VLAN 2, TX Tagged

    For your question about Mode of None on GS1910, it is a mode that makes all ingress untagged frame sent to VLAN 1 member ports. Besides, I suggest to use the latest firmware, which is V2.00.

    If you still feel confused, please give us your real application and PM me your configuration of GS1910 and GS1920. I shall give you information based on your application.

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    Hi Ryan,

    Many thanks for the reply back,

    Apologies if I did not explain correctly - VLAN 1 is : 192.0.0.x/24 and VLAN 2 is : 192.168.42.x/24

    All of the switches we have are accessable via VLAN 1, and we also route VLAN 2 via configurations on each port that require it (And off course the main SFP Uplinks)

    See attached Network Topology of this site. The group "WarehouseComms" is the switch scenario explained in my original post.

    Initially we put in 2x GS1920 Switches but could see that routing of the network and VLANs was not performing correctly. Swapping these 2 switches out with a GS1910 (To match the current infrastructure) resolved all networks issues, routing was fine, no latency on the network etc and VLANs ran correctly.

    I can provide screen shots of how the VLANS are set up on 1910 and 1920 if you can see a difference between them and why we would be encountering these issues. It may be a mis configuration between 1910 and 1920 ? Though to our knowledge these were set up the same from a 1910 to a 1920. But I can see that the way VLAN's are configured between the 2 models is completely different ...

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    Hi Brad, 

    If you find that the original two GS1910 in WarehouseComm works fine, while two GS1920 substituted do not, I think it is most likely some configuration errors on GS1920. 
    Please PM me the configuration of 2 x GS1920 and 2 x GS1910 so that I can compare the configuration for you. Furthermore, please also give me the GS1910 on the uplink of the WarehouseComms. I can check configuration directly for you. 

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    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks again for the reply back. So just to confirm you want me to send over configuration files for the 1920 and 1910's and the uplink. In just a configuration file ?