High cpu usage on USG40w

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We have an issue on one of our router.
CPU is always 99%.
I check the settings, tried to disable CF, Secureporter, logging etc.. without founding the cause of the high cpu usage.
In console i can see that this process is always high :

31006 31001 python          root     ?         19   0 51.0  0.5 R     11856  5712  3432  2964 09:59:43       00:03 00:00:01 python /usr/sbin/reg_agent.pyc 1 16b37c4cc5a135c075ede86977a6052daf436608c3aee5e788b2ff80 4.70(AALB.0)

Router is really slow.

Thanks for support

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    Any IPSec VPN active?
    USG40 with ... 6mbyte/s of SMB transfer on VPN (Ikev2, AES256) have CPU Stuck around 92-99%
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    The process /usr/sbin/reg_agent.py shoule be done in short time.  
    Can you provide device web gui access in PM. We would like to check this device status.

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