Setting up VLAN for NVR and Cameras with WAN, but oneway LAN access


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    Good to know you can get VLAN10 IP, so the LAN router (which connect on modem, directly) is not support VLAN? Since there is the limitation to restrict traffic direction via switch. 
    The LAN access control in this case is better configured on the gateway.
    If your gateway is not support VLAN then can consider Zyxel USG Flex has the guest interface can fulfill this case. :)
    Hello Chris, 
    thanks for the the proposal on changing the router. I am afraid that USG Flex would be an overkill for me. I have found another model of a consumer-grade router from Zyxel (Zyxel Armor G5). The Armor G5 (NBG7815) "User's Guide" tells on the page 11 that it does support VLANs, but I have not found any description in the Armor G5 (NBG7815) "User's Guide" on how I can do that on the device. This chapter is completely missing.
    Could you please advise whether I can use it for organizing VLANs?