USG Flex 200 with Fritzbox 7390 as Modem

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Hello! I deleted the provider access data in my Fritz!Box 7390 and enabled PPPoE passthrough. Then I connected an RJ-45 from LAN1 in the Fritzbox to WAN in the USG. Started the USG and plugged in the USB stick when the LED was green. What am I doing wrong? How can I debug it better? ztpresult.log 2022/04/18 07:18:48|USG FLEX 200|SN:S212L32103578|Firmware:5.21(ABUI.1)|Connect to fqdn [] fail!

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    Hi @bada,
    You may check if your network DNS query can resolve FQDN
    Following Nebula server FQDN list for your reference.

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