NWA55AXE - login as Admin but no options to set anything

I've set up my NWA55AXE (didn't seem straightforward) and it's functioning as a wifi AP ok but I need to turn off the 5GHz radio.  Originally I saw menu options for this and all the other expected settings but now I have very limited menus - there's no options for naming SSID etc.  What's happened?

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  • Paulski
    Paulski Posts: 3
    So I removed the device from Nebula and went back in and ran the wizard, changed password but it errored.  Eventually got back in and changed the password outside of the wizard.  The wizard seems very sketchy.
  • Paulski
    Paulski Posts: 3
    Is there anyway to have radio 2 use a different SSID?
  • Zyxel_Bella
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    Hi @Paulski


    Because the NWA55AXE is SB series model, Nebula default provides simple mode when your site only has SB series model.


    If you want to implement advanced features on SSID, disable the Simple mode then click Edit configurations of each SSID to change the band mode of the SSID as 5GHz only or 2.4GHz.


    [NEBULA] How to create SSID and set security?



    When you want to run the AP in standalone mode, please remove the AP from organization and press reset button to clear all settings including Nebula device password.


    If you missed the step here, you could go to Configuration > Object > AP Profile > SSID > SSID List to change.