Connecting a 65,000-square-meter Turkish Baked Goods Factory Is a Piece of Cake with Nebula

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HEG Gida

“Thanks to this project, which we implemented with BTM Teknoloji, we’ve made a stable, futureproof investment that will meet our factory’s needs for years to come. We’re grateful to both the BTM Teknoloji and Zyxel Networks Turkey teams for their hard work and support.”

Furkan Dırmıkcı
Information Technologies and System Manager, HEG Gida


With its products selling like hotcakes, HEG Gida had growing business that the existing infrastructure in its Balikesir factory couldn’t support. Maintaining smooth operations would require new equipment and devices to provide uninterrupted, high-performance communication. Considering the factory’s huge combined indoor and outdoor area of 65,000 square meters and the client’s demand for simple, straightforward network management, system integrator BTM Teknoloji deployed Zyxel's XS3800-28 and XGS1930-28HP switches along with its NWA210AX WiFi 6 access points. The XS3800-28 L3 Aggregation Switch was used as the main backbone of the factory’s infrastructure along with XGS1930-28HP Smart Managed PoE Switches, increasing network connectivity to up to 10 Gbps. Meanwhile, Zyxel’s NWA210AX APs provided an affordable way to upgrade to the latest WiFi 6 technology to ensure high-speed connectivity and wide coverage. All the products used also support Nebula cloud networking management, allowing the client to monitor and manage all network devices centrally via the cloud anytime and from anywhere.


“We’re happy and proud of this project,” BTM Teknoloji co-founder and PM Orkun Celasin says. “The new network meets the high-speed, high-security communication needs of HEG Gida’s factory, and the Zyxel products we’ve used are being managed on Nebula through the cloud, saving time and effort for the company’s staff.”

  • Ensure connectivity throughout the over 65,000-square-meter factory 
  • Provide new network infrastructure that is simple to manage

  • High-speed connectivity backed by the latest WiFi 6 technology and 10Gbps switches 
  • Through Nebula, all network devices can be managed easily from the cloud

Product used
NWA210AX 802.11ax Access Point
XS3800-28 L3 Aggregation Switch
XGS1930-28HP Smart Managed PoE Switch

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