ATP200 -> Google Tag Manager ???!!!

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At(least) on the Login Page on my local ATP200 in the HTML File is a Link to Google Tag Manager!!! WE TE EF???? :s
That not fit with the GDPR and Violate other Laws...! How to remove it from the ATP?

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    Just checked on my ATP200 and 500 and I can confirm.
    When you are logged in, you find the followin code:
    <script language="JavaScript">
    	var logname;
    	var google_analytics="no", firmware_version="", sn="";
    		var utmsw_licensed = false;
    I think zyxel need to explain this...

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  • Are you sure about this? Does your country have more extensive laws than the GDPR covering the question of consumer control over their product? As far as I am aware, most EU countries do not consider a link to a specific page to violate the GDPR, as long as it is there only to provide general information, like a help page. A simple link is not a violation of the GDPR, at least as long as the link itself points directly to the page it references, without that page redirecting you to a different page or site. Links or URLs are plain text, not scripts, unless you can document that there is a non-standard URL redirecting via a different site to the one you want to visit. The reference to Google Tag Manager information is only if you want to check how to set up any personal or corporate ads or Google Tag scripts that your company has made or you have made for your company.

    For reference:
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    Well the give Data to a 3rd Party in that Case Google. So everytime someone login into my Router Zyxel would see that in there Google Page! The same for anyone who "by accident" enter my Domain Name, IP Adress! That mean I am relay able if the sue me since its my Router who have that inside.
    An sorry since I pay for the Router why do I must accept the collect anything from me?
    And NO WHERE is that mention (before Purchase) that that device connect to a 3rd Party Company without my Consents! I found no option in the Menu to turn that off!
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    We may process data of your use of our management website and services to help us improve user browsing experience and improve our service standard and/or develop more functionality for users. 

    When you first time installs a brand new device, you will see the privacy statement before login to the management page. 
    If you don't tick "I have read and understand the information and terms in accordance with the Zyxel Terms of Use", we won't collect the usage data of your management website and services.
    If you want check again the content of the privacy statement, you may click the icon of About on the top toolbar, then navigate to the privacy policy statement on Zyxel official website. Please refer to this
    To turn off Google Analytics on our management website, you may use this CLI command.  



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