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Until version 4.65, I could set up after a complete reset of the configuration of a usg20w-vpn, a schedule of the radio for the wifi. When the radio stopped at the chosen time , I noticed in the wireless logs the deactivation of the radio (channel id n/a/n/a/n/a/n/a transmit power n/a).
Since versions 5.10, the only possible schedule is the broadcasting of the ssid. The broadcast of the ssid is well stopped, but in the wifi logs, I notice that the radio is always in service, (channel id 48/44/36/40 transmit power 20dBm.
I would like to stop the radio for this room, and not only stop the broadcasting of the ssid.

Maybe I am missing something, or this option does not exist anymore.
The only solution I found is downgrade to version 4.65, configuration, then update. But the wifi bug randomly with this procedure, and I don't see myself doing this manipulation and all the updates in the future.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hi @c777,
    Welcome to Zyxel community.  B)
    Can you send me V4.65 configuration file in PM. i would like to conduct a lab test based on your configuration file.

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