USG40 Console RJ-45 port not working

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We have several different Zyxel Firewall models.  Recently, a power outage left a couple in a boot loop (i.e. the Power LED is on and the SYS LED blinks constantly, but nothing else powers up).  On the Flex model, I was able to resolve this by connecting to the RS-232 port and backing off the firmware update.  However, I am unable to connect to the RJ-45 Console port on the USG40.  It never appears to become active and the adapter just shows "Network Cable Unplugged".  I cannot reset the device while it is stuck in boot.  So, I really don't have any idea what to do at this point.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have a USG40 with the same problem (Console don't work) but just think it was faulty...the rest of it is fine or maybe it never worked and needs a firmware fix?

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    Can you make sure console is connected between PC and USG40 first, and do a power recycle on USG40 to make sure if device bumps any message to you PC. If it still without any dumps, then the hardware may with the problem.

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