Can NWA50AX ( x 2 ) coexist with BT HUB 6 using the same SSID

I want to use 2 x NWA50AX AND a BT Hub 6 wi-fi router in my office space, I want to use a single SSID throughout, I appreciate the 'steering'  wont work between the Zyxel AP's and the BT wiFi, but can you foresee any other compatibility issues?

Accepted Solution

  • Zyxel_Richard
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    Hi Sir,

    NWA50AX can coexist with your BT device, and your wireless client device can auto-connect to the closest signal source and optimize itself.

    The only required setting is, please make sure the SSID and the security setting on three APs are the same.

    As for further explanation, currently most wireless clients have their own mechanism to automatically optimize the connected AP, ( You might see the option like "auto-join" on the SSID page of your smartphone) and this mechanism is made on the client device, which can work well on different brand wireless APs.

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