On premises cloud firmware update from V5.21(ABFU.1) to 5.30(ABFU.0)

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is it possible to do a cloud update from V5.21(ABFU.1) to 5.30(ABFU.0) on my on premises ATP 500?
I am asking this cause in the "fw_zyxel_1_fw_note.pdf" file
in the "readme first" section you can read:
For On-Premises mode with High Available (HA) feature enabled, please DO NOT use cloud firmware upgrade. You will need to follow a different procedure to complete the firmware upgrade, please read the SOP. * Applicable models and versions: USG FLEX 500/700, ATP500/700/800 with ZLD5.20 through ZLD5.21 Patch1.

By the way i think that, as displayed in this picture

the High available feature is disabled.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Hi @xkp68,
    You can use cloud firmware update if device is not run in Device HA mode. Read me first section is for Device HA mode.

  • xkp68
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    Thanks for your reply. I red the read me first section, i was just wondering if, the settings showed in my previous post means my device is not run in Device HA mode, or what else i have to check before proceeding.

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