Renewed Network Takes Turkish Packager’s Customer Satisfaction to New High

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“We were in search of a technology partner to support our business needs and digitalization. By relying on the industry experience and expertise of Arma Bilişim, we pushed forward with renewing our network infrastructure using Zyxel products incorporating emerging technologies. The Arma Bilişim team stood by us throughout the project and guided us with practical, timely advice. The entire process went off without a hitch and every one of our employees’ high-speed WiFi requests have been met.”

Mesut Sonmez
IT Manager, PilenPak

Adjusting to changing business needs and wanting to provide more value-added services, PilenPak was in the market for a more robust network that could guarantee maximum efficiency and uninterrupted business processes. That meant a network with data transmission stability that could always be relied on. Partnering with system integrator Arma Bilişim, Zyxel gave PilenPak exactly what it needed. Zyxel’s XGS1930 and GS1920 smart managed switches were used to create a centralized, high-performance network infrastructure with uninterrupted WiFi connectivity. The entire network could be managed from a single point throughout the factory. Zyxel’s NWA1123-AC PRO access points were chosen as their RF First design ensures fast internet regardless of potential roaming or interference problems. Now, the new infrastructure is paying dividends. With streamlined, simplified network management and active network devices controlled remotely with ease, work efficiency is up and in turn customer satisfaction is, too. “Both ourselves and PilenPak are very pleased with how Zyxel’s products are supporting the plant’s high-capacity production,” Arma Bilişim GM Osman Cem Hisim said. “We’re already looking ahead to new projects in different fields that we can tackle using Zyxel solutions.”

  • Build high-capacity and reliable wireless connectivity throughout the factory to support various applications simultaneously 
  • Manage active network devices from a single point 
  • Respond to the increasing network demands for high-speed data transmission

  • Increased network performance for higher production efficiency and customer satisfaction 
  • Greatly improved factory-wide WiFi access quality 
  • Entire network managed easily and centrally from the cloud

Products used
XGS1930-28HP/52HP Smart Managed PoE Switch
GS1920-48HP Smart Managed PoE Switch
NWA1123-AC PRO 802.11ac Access Point
NAP203 Nebula Cloud Managed Access Point

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