Easily Manage Your Employees’ Devices with Astra

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                                                 Easily Manage Your Employees’ Devices with Astra

In most SMBs, tech staff are already under heavy workloads, leaving little time to hunt down threats that require immediate action. When it comes to endpoint device security, get started in minutes with Astra cloud-based service that makes management easy. We are excited to officially announce the release of latest Zyxel Astra Service-A cloud-based engineless endpoint that is designed to block network threats and secure mobile workforce for both corporate and BYOD networks.


We are always working to make our service catered to your needs, so your feedback is important to us! Join the Astra service for a FREE TRIAL and feel free to leave your feedback here.


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  • ticsystems
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    Thanks for improving day by day. Will it ever work on Windows?
  • vivrml
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    We have tested this morning android Android moto g(9) plus and then uninstalled as emails and webpages take 2-3 attempts to load fully.

    Each refresh click on a web page loads a subsequent portion until eventually the page loads.

    The member invitation should have links to download the application if required
  • ETA_srl
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    I'm trying the service on two devices, at the moment the service is great, too bad the vpn is connected in America, it would have been optimal if it were in Europe
  • CHS
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    After running Astra, the VPN(tunnel built up) icon displayed on the status column of my iPhone.
    Surfing in different webpages takes around 1~2 seconds for load fully, it looks the speed is acceptable under the premise of networking security.

    @vivrml how's the network speed offered by your ISP? 
    All of the traffic will pass through from your phone to Astra server first and turn back to you. If network connection is unstable may coast a longer time for TCP-retransmission.
    I'm not sure if the speed will affect by hardware performance, but the phone is busying encrypt/decrypt for VPN tunnel.
  • kunz
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    I like it, but it won’t work with the “ProtonMail” app. I wish there was workaround option. Perhaps a whitelist of some kind as an option? 
  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    After running Astra, all of traffic will pass by Astra cloud server. It may against the “ProtonMail” app security rule. For similar case, we will suggest to disable Astra service and re-enable again after finishing operated on affected app.
  • about astraWhen it is installed on the phone with admin, it should ask for a password and it cannot be removed without using this password, and the astra service should be able to be stopped with a password, it would be great, factories want restrictions on the mobile phones given to their employees and parents want restrictions on their children's mobile phones, I think it is sold a lot like porn and nudity and social media.
    astra hakkındaadmin ile telefon a kuruldugunda şifre istemeli ve bu şifre kullanılmadan kaldırılamamalı   ve astra servis şifre ile durdurulabilmeli süper olur  fabrikalar kendi elemanlarına verilen cep telefonlarına ve anne babalar çocuklarının cep telefonlarına kısıtlama istiyor porno ve çıplaklık ve sosyal medya gibi  çok satılır diye düşünüyorum.

  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Thanks for your advice for it. :) 
    Astra App is encrypting traffic and forwarding data between smart phone and Astra server for analyzing the usage. It is unable to restrict user to operats(remove/stop App) setting on platform.
    According to your scenario is much like "Mobile Device Management" which offering by 3rd party brand, it's in ASTRA feature development plan.

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