USG100 latest firmware?

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According to the PDF file here...
All dates "End of" about USG 100 are 2018/06/30. That's fine. But...

Latest "support file" for firmware into download section from Zyxel is 3.30 P7, dated January 2015.
And I found a 2016 WK41 file, named "3.30(AQQ.8)ITS-WK41-r74145 / 1.12 / 2016-10-13 21:14:58". Which currently work quite nicely with my device.
But according to date... is there any "lab firmware" with more corrections update dated closer to 30/06/2018?

Feel free to link that to me...
And if it's "safe enough" to deliver to customer, consider to make it available....

For some applications, ReUse is Wonderful ;)

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    The latest formal version for USG100 is 3.30P7. It fixed major issues we found.
    The latest patch firmware for USG100 is 3.30P7-WK48 it fixed minor issues that found. 
    If you need latest version, you can have a try on version WK48.

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  • mMontana
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    Thanks and already downloading... WK48 is related to which year?

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