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How do you configure load balancng properly if the number of clients in the environment are dynamic?

E.g. people in exhibition hall, office that is hot desking. 

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    Hi Sir,

    The client number depends on how many bandwidth/wireless resources you want to assign on each station connecting to one AP.

    For example, 5GHz radio can provide about 550 mbps for most current clients (Wi-Fi5 standard with2x2 antenna equipped). The more clients connecting to the same radio, the less resources each of them can get.

    Considering other transmission overhead which increasing as the connected client number, in a office network we recommended an AP can cover around 25 clients.

    For the hotspot or public venue, we can allocate less resources to each client (comparing to office network), so 5GHz can set around 50 client as the limitation.

    Don't worry if the client number is keeping changing, AP will keep monitoring the client number and block/allow the client's connection.

    Moving to 2.4GHz radio, since it can only provide 200 mbps for most Wi-Fi 4 clients, so the client number threshold should be decreased accordingly. (Office: 10 client, hotspot: 20 clients)

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