Fiber Media Converter with POE for WAC6553D-E

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We need to deploy outdoor WLAN access point to be mounted at one of the lamp post. 
Power outlet provided will be AC power inside a outdoor weather proof box. 
Connection back to central switch will be using fiber optic cable due to the distance is about 1km.

Switch-SFP ——fo 1km—— SFP-Media Converter with POE —copper— WAC6553D-E

A) Media converter will use AC power adapter to connect to AC power at the lamp post to be housed inside the outdoor weather proof box.
B) Media converter will provide POE+ power to WAC6553D-E

Do you have a solution from Zyxel? Or other alternative solution for this application?


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    Hi @Amara

    So far, Media Converter with PoE and SFP is not in our product series. But this requirement can be a feature request in our queue.
    According to your requirement, we have PoE switch with SFP port. Here is the list for reference.
    dummy: GS1100-10HP
    Smart: GS1900-10HP
    Management: GS2210-8HP