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How do you upgrade the firmware on a ATP to 530ABPS0C0? I have downloaded the firmware, but in firmware management there is no way to upload it. 

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    Sorry but I clicked that this was not helpful by mistake. This was actually exactly what I needed, and it was the correct solution as well as helpful. Thank you for your reply.

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    You should pick this button to allow the firmware to be uploaded from your computer.
    This is not ATP100 (but USG40) nor a 5.x firmware (but 4.71).
    But anyway, icons are quite is quite similar and the procedure is mostly the same.

    You can use either one of the images.
    The "standby" one will allow you to upgrade the firmware into the partition your device is currently not using. This will allow you a fallback to your previous version if something does not fit your experience.
    The "Running" one will allow to upgrade the current running firmware.
    Don't focus too much of 1 or 2. Focus on running/standby

    Consider to backup (aka download) both lastgood.conf and startup-config.conf before starting procedure.
    In both cases (standby, running) you will be asked if you want to reboot your device before the upload starts. Pick your reboot time with enough wise time choice.
    Before starting upload, unpack the archive. Upload the biggest file (should be a .bin) into the .zip archive.

    If the "quality" of your power service is not reliable to your guts, using a fully charged UPS for both computer and firewall (and everything in between, if present) is a great idea; power loss during firmware flash, configuration upgrade or during even only one of the steps of the procedure can lead to unpredictable results, with the device brick among the odds.

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