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Since im always bored i tried to set up a USG40W as a Switch and i cant get it to work.
I disabled Policy Control since i only want it to be a Switch and not a Firewall.
My DHCP Server has an IP of and it will give the WAN Port on the USG a IP( but it will not give an IP to any Clients connected to P2. I have set up a DHCP Relay on LAN1 with the IP but the Clients do not get a IP.
The LAN1 interface is configured with and DHCP Relay. LAN1 is set to all possible Ports.
If i give the Client a static IP and try to ping it works but i cant ping

Are there any extra settings i have to set?

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    You will not be able change the WAN1 but if you do this the four ports will run as a switch but you will not be able to firewall or you could bridge LAN1,LAN2, OPT and DMZ if you don't change port role.

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