Zyxel Powers a Leading Indian Energy Provider to Securer Data Transmission

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Kanpur Electricity Supply Company

Kanpur Electricity Supply Company (KESCo) has 65 offices serving as billing and custom service centers. Needing to ensure its data can be transmitted securely, KESCo turned to its network provider, Acme Digitek, to deploy a highly secure network solution for its head and branch offices. Two key criteria for the solution were that it could integrate seamlessly with the client’s existing wireless equipment and could be upgraded easily in the future. Impressed by its connectivity and hassle-free deployment, the client chose Zyxel security solutions for the project. 

Specifically, USG40 UTM Firewalls were installed in all 65 branches while the ATP800 ATP Firewall was installed at HQ for stable and secure wireless connectivity. The USG40 firewalls feature robust security protection, including anti-spam and filtering, while the AI-enabled ATP firewall can predict and prevent insidious ransomware attacks and synchronize multiple networks easily. Last but not least, Zyxel India gave the customer a three-year security services license along with the USG40 devices. With these new security solutions up and running, KESCo says it has been highly satisfied with their security performance and ease of use in particular, as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing future upgrades will be inexpensive and straightforward.

  • Replace outdated network equipment 
  • Build reliable, high-speed communication tunnels between the head office and 65 site offices 
  • Connect the branches and HQ easily with highly secured firewall protection

  • Stable multi-branch communication delivers comprehensive protection and perimeter security from outside threats 
  • ATP800 Firewall provides head office with precise and robust data traffic controls
  • Easy-to-use, centralized management allows network to be monitored and controlled remotely and without special training 
  • Futureproof firewall solution that offers excellent value for money 

Product used
ATP800 ATP Firewall
USG40 UTM Firewall

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