Right path update USG60 with old firmware

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I have a USG60, current firmware V4.11(AAKY.2). It will not update the firmware, how can I make it right update to newest firmware?

Many thanks. :)

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    Quite a long road... Is it configured or "stock"?

    Wait for a Zyxel representative that will illustrate you the firmware versions for arriving to 4.71, and provide the links to reach it.
    Reading release notes, at least these steps are required/recommended for lading on 4.71
    4.62 -> 4.65  -> 4.71
    Since 4.39 FDQN should be configured to the device for update.

    I hope that a more extensive list of firmwares will be available as download option without askinf for support.
    Moreover: at 07:31 AM GMT+2 the maintenance notice is viewable. Timing for Maintenance is reported a 10:00AM GMT to 18:00 PM GMT. AFAIK is 30 min early than scheduled, and the 24h notation do not need AM/PM.

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    Hello @Andy2022,
    We recommended that upgrade to ZLD4.65 Patch1 before upgrading to ZLD4.71, or you may upgrade to V4.71 by FTP directly.

    Please note that backup the configure before upgrading the firmware.
    Thank you.


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