USG110 - Unable to login. Forced password change causes "Simultaneous admin/access logons" error.

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When accessing my USG110 today, it is requiring me to change the password.  I provided a new password using characters I know are valid for the unit.  Once I hit the apply button, I get the error message, "Simultaneous admin/access logons or users have reach the maximum number".  The new password is also not saved at this point.  I can try logging in with the old password, but only displays the error message until that user session has expired from being idle too long.  After the idle session is cleared, it takes the old password, forces me to supply a new password, and then shows the error again.  Stuck in a loop where I can't change the password and can't login. Any help would be great.

Edit: I am accessing remotely via WAN interface. Unsure if that is important.

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    We aware this probelm, and it is fixed by the next firmware 4.72 which is expected to be released on 2022 May-24.
    Moreover, we could still login to the device through console port when this problem occurs, then input the commands below to rename the password.

    Router(config)# username admin password "12345" user-type admin
    Router(config)# write
    12345 is the example of the renamed password


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