Managed 24 port 2/5 or 10gbit switch fabless or low noise

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I’m already waiting  a few years for a decent 10gbit switch with basic management function in a fanless or very low noise design.
The only thing you find is those enterprise switches which sound like an airplane 

I would expect with the introduction of wifi6 and 2/5 gbit that some decent 24 port switch would be available in a fanless jacket 

idea :smile:

24 port multi gigabit smart managed fanless with some poe ports with limited budget so you can power some typical zyxel wifi6 points (3-4)
if fanless is not an option use a bigger case and fans to reduce noise for soho or small business use

I run 3 zyxel points WiFi 6 on a fanless Drayton switch without issue.
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  • ZYXEL_Erin
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    Hi Wicky & White782,

    For most existing Zyxel switches, ex. XGS1930, XS1930 series, we have reduce operating fan noise by Smart fan solution! 

    The popularity of WiFi6 definitely drives the demand for 2.5G Switches.  The system needs more power to deliver higher port speed (2.5G), which require busy fan operation to lower the system temperature. That’s typically the design challenge for most enterprise Multi-Gigabit Switch.

    Seeing the growing WiFi 6 demands, Zyxel have introduced XS1930-12HP for SMB which offers both 2.5G speed & low acoustic noise with our latest smart-fan design.

    While it only offers 12 MGig ports, it fits SMB that only needs to power small numbers of AP with simple Switch setup Wizard.

    A new 24-Port 2.5G switch is also on the way with availability around Q4’22.  It will also carry larger power budget and more uplink bandwidths.

    Please stay for our new product intro in the upcoming months.

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    Hi Erin,
    "we have reduce operating fan noise by Smart fan solution! " I can not confirm it. In my opinion the design of the three 1930 modells are failed.
    - No intake fan, followed by no air flow
    - passiv cooler getting very hot (specially 1930-12F and 1930-12HP)
    - not smart, but stupid fan (if once get up on 8500 rpm, never get back automaticly to 3500 rpm)
    - no solution of SFP Hardware Monitor with Nebula (only for onprem:

  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @JRose,

    Apologize for the late reply.

    The XS1930 has an exhaust fan on the side, which also has airflow during operation.

    The fan gets up at 8500 rpm and the passive cooler gets very hot because of the SFP you inserted. 
    When the SFP transceiver temperature exceeds the temperature threshold (see your transceiver documentation), the Switch automatically turns on the fans with maximum fan speed to cool down the system.

    Could you share your model of the SFP module and the firmware version for me to verify?

    Additionally, I recommend using these Zyxel qualify SFP modules to have the best performance.

    Zyxel Melen