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Hi, I have NWA210AX access point at home. Currently it runs over 802.3 PoE wich serve max 15.4 watt. I found that NWA210AX draws 19 watt.  I enabled the "Force override the power mode to full power" setting on Nebula interface. I searched that if that raise a problem or not but seems it doesn't if there are not so many client. We are connecting that access point nearly 5-10 devices at max and do the normal stuff like watching Youtube videos, surfing on internet etc. So the maximum work on it watching youtube 4k videos. 

I didn't see or feel any problem while using it nearly 9 months. But I felt I need to ask if I am good or should I replace 802.3af with 802.3at (30 watt)?

Also I wonder if I miss any feature and wireless antenna power with my usage (I want to max wireless coverage for my home). Because even if I set max power 30 for 5GHz mode, it runs at 16-18dbm. (Sometimes when I change country, I can see it works on 24dbm but after a while it returns to 18dbm)

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    Hi @furkanozbay


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    NWA210AX requires 802.3at power to service in full power mode (4T4R antenna), if the power not enough the AP goes to limited power mode and antenna decreases to 1T2R. Force full power is a way to address problem and AP normally works fine, but still have chance results in AP reboot so we recommend to provide enough power. Zyxel GS1008HP PoE switch provides 802.3at for small topology is good choice for your reference.


    For the wireless antenna power, the GUI display is to show the value without adding on array and antenna gain. NWA210AX has array gain 3dB and the antenna gain is 3 dB, for example, the GUI shows 16dB then the EIRP will be 22dBm. The total max power will be compliance with your region regulations. 


    If you require any further information, feel free to ask us.

    Enjoy the wireless network and have a nice day! Thank you





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    Underpower (not provide enough energy) a device is a bad way to use it. As far as i know, it decrease the lifespan.
    Personally I would use a 802.3at-compliant switch/power adapter.
  • mMontana said:
    Underpower (not provide enough energy) a device is a bad way to use it. As far as i know, it decrease the lifespan.
    Personally I would use a 802.3at-compliant switch/power adapter.
    Zyxel allow the option so I think they're confident it wont damage anything on their device, but it might reboot if peak load goes high.

    I'd be more concerned that the switch might fail, depending on how its handling the overload.  It may be fine (PoE power is usually shared, so I don't the PSU itself will be stressed) but its also possible the PCB traces themselves or something else in-between could overheat, at least if the AP is running flat-out for hours on end so pulling maximum current.

  • As an update, I replaced my 802.3af PoE injector with 802.3at compatible one 3 days ago. Thanks for the comments.
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    I have an additional concern after reading this question.

    I have 1 GS1005HP 60W PoE Switch with 2 NWA210AX AP's connected. Both AP's are "working" BUT 1 is coming up in Power mode: Limited (Require 802.at power). Now when I read the specs on the GS1005HP it shows that it supports 802.at power and has enough power (60W) to fully support 2 NWA210AX AP's. I also see the specs on the GS1008HP are the same as the GS1005HP except the port count is different. The PoE specs are the same.

    So my question is:  Because both NWA210AX AP's are plugged into the same GS1005HP switch should I go ahead and Force override the power mode to full power on the NWA210AX that is coming up in Limited power mode?

    I find it strange that the NWA210AX only calls for 19W so 2 switches = 38W and the GS1005HP is rated at 60W. We are not talking the power being close in maxing out the switch. There seems to be plenty of overhead yet one NWA210AX seems to come up with the short end of the power stick.

    ZyXEL TS: I look forward to your reply.


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    The below following steps may need your help us clarify the problem.
    1. Please help us to check whether the DC adapter provides sufficient power.
    2. Replace the wired cable then check if the limited power status still exists.
    2. Only connected the limited power status AP to the GS1005-HP and check if the limited power status still exists.
    Thank you.