Zyxel NWA210AX STILL speed limited?

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I had read there is an issue with this AP limiting maximum throughput and had hoped it would be fixed, but it still seems to be there.

I can use my phone at 1200Mbit link rate and achieve 800Mbit on a good day which is great, but my laptop at 2400Mbit link rate at best has done 940Mbit.

AP is connected over 2.5Gbit to a Netgear MS510TXUP with a 10Gbit link to my NAS.

Really unimpressed that a product like this is achieving the same speeds I could get on an Honor Router 3 for less than 1/4 the price.

Also extremely baffled that Zyxel do not expose link rates of connected clients over SNMP.  In comparison I can get extremely detailed statistics from cheaper devices by putting OpenWRT on them and running custom scripts.  I expected a high-end device like this to offer a better experience.

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    HI @Alex_Atkin_UK

    There are some points to share with you.

    1.      We use the shielding room to test the network throughput can be 1500Mbp for uplink and 1200 Mbps for downlink.

    2.      We use the iperf tool and the speed between 600Mbps~700Mbps in our office. In complex environment.

    The device ‘s linkspeed will changes(for example 2400 to 1400) because channel width 160 is easy to overlap and it will change modulation type. It will affect your performance. You can observe this situation

    In summary, the performance is affected from environment and your result is quite good.

    If you want some advanced analysis, you can share your diagnostic file collect at MAINTENANCE page. Or if your device connects Nebula, Could you kindly help us to turn on your  Zyxel Support Access  from the below path in your nebula for us to confirm the issue?

    PATH: Help (Left sidebar corner) >> Zyxel Support Access

    Thank you


  • For reference I'm on channel 100, have you tested on DFS channels?  No radar nearby so its rock-solid stable on this channel, everyone else nearby is pretty much on band A (most routers tend to default to this to avoid potential DFS issues).

    I have no desire to use Nebula as I mix and match vendors, being just an advanced home setup.

    I will try to remember to pull diagnostics next time I get a chance to test things.
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    Hi @Alex_Atkin_UK

    Thank you for your response.

    First. Because the throughput will be affected by many factors, the speed test of the internal network and the external network are also different, so can you kindly share what simple network architecture you have? What tool are you using to test and what are the steps? This can help us a lot.

    Second, our AP can reach 1200Mbps~1500Mbps with any channel if the environment is clear enough. But in a normal user environment, the environment can not be clear generally.

    Of course, if we want to do an advanced check, we need your diagnostic files. So waiting for your reply. thank you very much.



  • Switch:
    Netgear MS510TXUP
    Fedora Server Intel 8600K connected over Intel X520 10Gbit DAC
    AP connected over Belkin CAT6 patch cable at 2.5Gbit
    Macbook Pro M1
    ASUS ROG Strix GL703GS with an Intel AX210 M.2 card
    Samsung Galaxy S10
    Usually wired but used for additional testing:
    Intel i7 12700F with an AX201
    Ryzen 9 5950X with an AX200

    Tests run:  iperf3, LibreSpeed, file copies over SAMBA.

    All clients are 2-3m line of sight to the AP on the ceiling in the same room. Speed testing is primarily based on downstream, as I know upstream tends to be a lot more variable.  Testing tends to focus on Fedora as Windows 11 has some very inconsistent network performance in general.

    I've seen the S10 do 900Mbit at 1200Mbit link rate which is insanely good.  That's even more impressive given there were mixed clients connected at the time (802.11n and 802.11ac) though they were idle.

    The good news is, I just checked on the ASUS ROG Strix laptop in Fedora and got 1.44Gbit downstream in iperf3.  So it seems something must have been interfering and right now, its performing optimally.

    Its a shame its not nearer 1.6Gbit, but I know 160Mhz is a lot of spectrum to hope is entirely clean at a given moment.  This certainly looks promising for WiFi 6e, though I will probably not upgrade until WiFi 7.
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    Hi @Alex_Atkin_UK

    Thank you a lot to share your situation with us.
    Any problem can talk with us.
    Wish you have a good weekend