Ip Mac Binding Problems

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If I activate ip mac binding and I received a lot log entries like: 
Drop packet lan1-

The mac address is reserved in the dhcp table list and connected to ip address

Only for this one interface I received this log. The device is a wlan mesh.

So why do I have the drop log entries and how can I avoid them.


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  • Zyxel_Emily
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    Hi @Rogge,

    Please give me the following information in private message.
    1. Go to MONITOR > Log > View Log and see if there is "ACCESS BLOCK" log for the blocked source IP address. Give me the screen shot of the blocked log.
    2. The startup-config.conf file (The complete configuration file. Do not delete any IP/MAC setting). I'd like to check the IP/MAC binding setting on your device. 

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