LTE7490-M904 Firewall configure error

Matox89 Posts: 2

Do someone have idea what is wrong with this configuration? I try to get security camera image working trouhg web. I atteched images of my settings what I have configured. Can`t get working this with Zyxel LTE7490-M904 (Firmware V1.00(ABQY.3)C0).

I tested with Huawei router and it works like a charm.

My camera IP:, Camera port: 37777 TCP

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  • Matox89
    Matox89 Posts: 2
    I got this working with port forwarding, but not with firewall rules. Anyone have idea?
  • Bob_C
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    Hi Matox89, 

    Yes, please set up a corresponding rule on port forwarding page (NAT > Port Forwarding) so that the LTE7490 knows specific types of traffic should be sent to certain IP address and port. 



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